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Follow the ISO9000 management system requirements, set milestone management of product design and research quality

According to the company matrix project management requirements and management features, absorbing international research and development of advanced integrated products (IPD) model, we established Chint Meter 0317 《new product innovation process and release process management》. This standard stipulates a range of processes from product creativity to market, including project applications, project organization structure, process, final report, product release and other matters of management requirements and methods. New product development process is multi-sectoral coordination and division of labor.Creative period of product 、Determined period of proposal、Definitive period of product 、Realized period of R&D、Management period of life


for which market? What technology beginning? Main balance analysis; what product? Which customers? Supplementary expenditure? What strategy should be adopted? ; What characteristics? What customer windows? What chip?; Which products should be reserved? When change? How to keep the original path? What actions should be adopted? ; How to optimize operating cost? When give up? How to abandon while middle term?


In order to control the effective operation of the project, we divide the project into seven stages (M0-M75). In the first stage, necessary documents must be completed, and after the assessment, the project can be considered as completion of a milestone and allowed to enter the next stage (start a new milestone).

In order to ensure quality assessment, the company abandon the prevailing domestic "design →review →  check→  approval" model, introduce "three triage" approach, all relevant company departments and external experts to speak freely through the technical review meeting, to vote to form review comments, and then progressively pass the PLM process for approval step by step. The new methods effectively reduced problems like personal limitations and lack of responsibility.


It standardized development process management, such as R & D process set up program review, sample evaluation, trial production evaluation, pilot project management, quality control review and others: design review phase, mainly check the feasibility of advanced design and reliability prediction and distribution; sample evaluation stage, mainly on reviewing the test performance; trial production evaluation stage, mainly on reviewing the level of product manufacturability and reliability levels.

In order to ensure verifiability, traceability and continuity of the research quality, all R & D process is strictly in accordance with ISO9001: 2008 version of the file transfer mode. To ensure the effectiveness and accuracy of data analysis, and technological research in succession, the whole process through new product development should have records, such as project reports, needs assessment report, sample, trial production, pilot production reports, inspection reports and the various stages of sample technical information. All information adopt PLM for online management.

In order to achieve efficient, accurate management in R & D process, and realize the design concept "standardization, modular", the company introduced and applied PLM product lifecycle management system, CVS concurrent version control system management tools, combined with efficient document management and configuration management systems, made the new product research and development project review process management system with efficient management, rapid response to market, also improve the company's R & D competitiveness.

In order to ensure product reliability and quality levels, the product development process has mainly taken the following measures and methods to control:

1) Compile reliable assurance program and set reliable assessment. At first, compile reliable assurance program and work plans, stipulates reliable monitoring and control, design and evaluation, testing and other work projects and requirements as fundamental basis during R&D and production stage. So the products are produced step by step in a planned way, and work in strict accordance with the requirements in the future development and production.

2) Reliability prediction and distribution. During the demonstration stage, based on components stress method to do reliability prediction; in the product design stage, in accordance with technical environmental stress method to do reliability prediction, and patiently repeat the reliability prediction, distribution, re-prediction, redistribution, until meet the requirements.

3) During the program demonstration and technology design process, the various components of meter reliability, quality defects, and a full analysis and demonstration program in the new design has been completely corrected, compile "DFMEA analysis  form."

4) Ensure that critical components and important pieces. Analyse the various components of the meter to determine the critical components and important pieces, and clearly mark on the relevant technical documentation, then set focus control on them.

5) Effective quality control before components set on the machine. Order products from quality assurance system certified and qualified equipment suppliers. Aging to screen, reject early failure device, to ensure the complete machine stable and reliable.

6) Introduce OFGEM Meter lifetime assessment system, in strict accordance with IEC62059-31/41 standards, set new products with scientific reliability indicators and assessment.

7) In order to assess the domestic method of electronic products reliability assessment, we also developed reliability prediction system during various stages of smart meter based on the military standard GJB/Z299C and GJB/Z108 as confirmation and supplement of international standards .

8) With reference to well-known international business standards, the establishment of 8D failure reports, analysis and corrective action system. Chief engineer preside, designers, technical manager representatives, process engineers, inspectors and other personnel to participate in the failure reports, analysis and corrective action system. In the product development stage, product testing and production failures to make timely and accurate collection and analysis, and take corrective measures to achieve improved product reliability and long-life meter.

9) Establish a thorough knowledge base: Chint Meter and other Group companies cooperate to build plastic alloy, hardware, PCB, integrated circuits, analog devices, passive components, standard components, software design, database processing specifications, standards library, library experience, etc., greatly enhance the efficiency and R & D quality.

10) Adopt hardware and software module design, industry-leading design such as API software design and software dual data protection reliability, further ensure the quality and development efficiency.