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Global Metering-Global Chint


The 5th China Smart Metering, Billing, Data Management & CRM Conference & Exhibition was open from 19th to 21st, April at Dong Fang Hotel Convention & Exhibition Center, Guangzhou, which was held by Global Metering.

As the Largest Metering Event in Asia, this event have embraced and enveloped all the Top Meter Suppliers in China even Asia. Being one of Chinese top meter suppliers, Chint Meter appointed G.M—Chen Wei and Sales Manager—Li Ming as representatives participating this event doubtlessly.


During this forum, Chint Meter did not only make sufficient communication with metering industry practitioner but also do a presentation as a honored guest for the participants. Regarding to the details of seeking suppliers in China, Chint supplied some sincere suggestions for the foreign purchasers.

To summarizing the theme of the whole presentation, there are 4 key points as following:

1. The channels of seeking Chinese suppliers

2. Technology characteristic and price analysis

3. Factory -visit notes

4. How to select suppliers in china

The presentation was very successful so that won everybody’s applause, agreement and compliments on site.


Chint Meter rocks on! 

Global metering---global chint.