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Chint Meter successfully passed the surveillance audit of ISO9001 quality management system


In July 4th, experts from Huaxin Technology Inspection company (CQC) implemented the surveillance audit of ISO9001-2000 quality system on Zhejiang Chint Instrument & Meter Co.,Ltd. Finally Chint Meter company successfully passed the surveillance audit..

The audit includes material procurement, production management, technology development, quality management, human resource management, marketing management and other aspects. They also inspected the manufacturing department of the assembly, wiring, commissioning, workshops and storage conditions.

After two days’ rigorous review, the audit team determined that: Chint Meter Company's quality management system achieved the required quality policy and quality objectives; credible, effective internal quality audits and management reviews; with high effectiveness of quality management system. In conclusion, the company is allowed to continue to use ISO9001: 2000 certification after implementation of corrective actions.